Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Poppy Red Stardust Falls From Fingertips

Poem written by Anita Magdalena.....

Poppy Red Stardust Falls From Fingertips

A fathomless fortitude...

falling in poppy red stardust from fingertips

as it alights upon
the wave of sensual desire

Where hushed dreams soothe
as moonlight shines through eyes
warming depths where cold visits often
melting to flow freely

Pain fades to places of numb
bringing life in gentle stabs
of sweet breathing emotions
releasing in a flow of salty rivulets

Where things tightly wrapped and bound
become loose and tumble into skies
of my captivating view
Stroking my soul to new levels

Pulse points beat to the drum
of my new found spectrum
energising in it's wake
the very core of what is now

And I lose the shroud 
that has veiled my view 
where I moved in pointless direction
I choose with clarity the next moment

It is mine...........