Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Magdalena Unfurled

Written By Anita Magdalena, picture belongs to me also

Magdalena Unfurled

Buried deep in a shallow grave the wrap around of my enslave
Some days choke some days breathe run away never leave
Emptiness upon me spoke wrapped my soul in it's black cloak
Blood so cold yet still it flows ice upon my heart now blows

Giver taker procrastinator fall in line you scumbag faker
Sigh no high on days of woe just lost in time nowhere to go
Nothing here with time to waste requirement of a tedious taste
Silence the scream of a knowing mind seeing much in what I find

Tiredness now enfolds this place give me time ease the pace
There upon your face a frown of what the thought is setting down
Subjective in foundation weak now switch off to the  words you speak
Find my field of flowers in bloom alone here now for you no room

Lose myself in the earthly flow of connections made smooth and slow
Behind the veil the day I was born over my face was how it was worn
Leaves me lost in another place I enter the feel of this ethereal space
Light upon my mind now clear whispering in time that holds me here.