Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Saturday, 4 February 2012


Poem written by Anita Magdalena......


There she stood so frail and broken all of her tears snatched away
Desolate heart abused so much upon which white lilies play
Approach her not her space is sacred untainted now she has scrubbed it clean
No germ shall infect or penetrate the place inside her beautiful dream

Swaying playing in the breeze Wild Poppies of red skies so blue
Catches her breath steals her away she ponders in her panoramic view
I will never leave or ever grieve she thinks while walking through her mind
I smile a mile and do it with style she thinks in Poppies her favourite kind

Step outside don't step outside I want to stay why can I not stay
Please don't make me it may just break me wait a bit now go away
She locks her world and hides the key In a place that no one else can see
Seals the cracks seam welded shut holding her where she wants to be

A Castle so haunting a place she is caught in blissful darkness and desire
Candles burning a lover yearning on the outside of her burning fire
Let him in don't let him in she thinks while yearning for him too
Her heart so frail will surely fail if he does to her as others do

Unlocking the door letting him in giving to him a piece of her heart
Awkward steps of wariness she asks of him please don't tear me apart
Day after day in love they play with fantasies and future dreams
Hope and love a fluffy dove candy floss and chocolate creams

A place he will take her to be one with nature making love by the light of the moon
Brazen and boasting on a fantasy coasting of how he will make it real very soon
A sigh from her lips as the fantasy grips in the rhythmic sway of her porcelain hips
Take me to ecstasy spread me and pleasure me as I stroke your skin with my fingertips

Six months long there love still strong he stole her heart and made it swell 
So bloated she gloated with a smile so big and a tune that played on her every cell
Then came a silence with no word of warning that grabbed at her core and twisted so
The days ticked by a heavy sigh as dread enveloped left her feeling low

He didn't come back she faded to black cold and unseen as she threw up her spleen
Cast him a haunting misery taunting a place in his heart that he has never been
Crumble and fumble through each place you stumble she thinks with a wicked smile on her face
Throw it and blow it until he does know it was she that led the Devil right to his place

She fell back in line with her dream so divine of Wild red Poppies and skies so blue
Welded and melded the lock on her door and the lock on her heart to never undo
Drifting and lifting herself from her sorrow of a lonely world today and tomorrow
She pulled across the curtain on all of her hurting to push it away for it not to follow

Time to move on from this repetitive song the world is still spinning a new song is singing
Friends out there waiting not looking for mating she thinks to herself now no more abating
A breath on the wind it is time for the sin of the moment to moment she wants to live in
Take me don't break me build me and make me she thinks yes I shall watch me elate me

She stood in the moment alone in the dark as another step she took with a shaky heart
Knocked on the door of an interesting place that was dark and inviting compelling her grace
A poet you know it she thought to herself she jumped right in from her isolated shelf
Landed and blended in with the crowd of dark poets abound friendly and proud

Sharing her words of sorrow and lust anger and passion her thrown away trust
Accepted not rejected not shoved or neglected comments flow with a genuine thrust
Keeping it real she goes with the feel of her inner workings her long time friend
Liking this place and it's easy pace of poets in the dark with no common trend

Back in her Castle haunting not daunting where candles burn and lovers yearn
Dark and delicious it may be fictitious but it's real in her heart where fantasies turn
Knowing and flowing to what now is growing a beautiful friendship to never waste
She thinks to herself it's time for the sin of the moment to moment she now wants to taste

Connection affection a time for reflection another step taken in an optimistic direction
Her mind is now tripping on what she has been missing she starts to remove her concrete protection
A go with the flow of whats starting to grow in each passing day and the words that they say
Wild Poppies in her heart shall never depart they are part of her soul in a wonderful way

Compelling not felling of yet she is telling so hoping that this is how it stays 
This place she has found with Dark Poetry abound fit's her in the best possible ways
She is just me as I imagine you see as you read through these words that tumble so free
I move everyday in a forward kind of way removing the shackles that kept me at bay

So now here I am with no solid plan just the moment to moment of whatever I can
Taking it slow enjoying the show of my life at this time not the where it may go
No doom and gloom now filling my room just the hush and brush of what I know
One day at a time not even in rhyme just the moment to moment of whatever may flow.