Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Friday, 18 March 2011

Slowly I strip your silhouette
sinking solid seduction into my skimpy sky 
sexy shadows in secluded starlight 
slip and slide in swelling sensuality 

Masterful motion merges magnetic minds 
moisture mixing melting moving 
in a magical maze of mutual madness 
moonlit masturbation motivates 

Inflaming imaginations impulsive ignition 
impaling me with intense insistence 
inside an irresistible and intimate invitation 
infusing internal inclinations 

Liquid luster on limbs lubricate 
lingering listening to loves lullaby 
libidos lift and lower licking luscious lips 

Effusive eagerness evokes exhilaration 
enriching erotic and electrifying 
entering ecstasy we explode 
enraptured enveloping each others eternity