Anita Magdalena

Anita Magdalena

Monday, 9 May 2011

Lady Of The Lake

Poem Written By Anita Magdalena...

Lady of the lake has many characters they say
Viviane Niniane and Morgaine le fay
Merlin the druid a Wizard of old
this Priestess of Avalon his heart she did hold

Viviane was succeeded by the Priestess Niniane
whom then seduced Merlin she did love that man
Morgaine le fay then succeeded this maid
A tragic young Priestess now duty bound and afraid

Ordered to seduce and lure Merlin to his death
this tore at her heart she had nothing left
Niniane now weak her spirit somehwere lost
she took her own life the line she did cross

The Lady of the lake links with King Arthur more so
offering to him Excalibur the legend does go
A spirit of the water a Fay it is told
the Lady of the lake from a story of old


Sunday, 3 April 2011

Reflection Of Pain

Poem By Anita Magdalena...
For Picture Prompt at One Stop Poetry

Reflection Of Pain

`Wistful` her pain hangs heavy
So easy to hide the truth behind a lens
The reflection in the mirror hides nothing
There the eyes a story sends
I am not what you see in the picture
Please don't try to figure me out
You will most surely get it wrong
I am not made to understand, just to flout
Tear me from limb to limb
it does not hurt me any more
I live regardless of the pain
It hurt me once yet hurts no more
Where the heart bled
the river of never ending sorrow
dried and cracked then turned to stone
Will never be caught in tomorrow
A paled reflection of lost hope
Sadness carried through
A flower of remembrance to a memory
lost in what we once knew
When you cut me so deeply
did it feel good inside?
When you shattered me into a million pieces
I watched you run and hide
The reflection in the mirror caught by the lens
Will be there for you to see
Face it and watch the pain
In the mirror the reflection of me


A raw poem written without edit or second thought.

Monday, 21 March 2011

Cold As The Sea

Poem By Anita Magdalena...
A poem I have revamped into Rondel form for One Stop Poetry

Cold As The Sea

Cold as the sea that licks the shore
A fearless spirit to never break
The darkest soul that life did make
A heart of stone that bleeds no more

Time without time that came what for?
Ignore the flesh all covered in fake
Cold as the sea that licks the shore
A fearless spirit to never break

Dark Princess her title no more
A mysterious and untamed soul
No intent in her sand path stroll
Tides turn gentle then let out a roar
Cold as the sea that licks the shore



Sunday, 20 March 2011

Feathered Revenge

Poem By Anita Magdalena...
For Picture Prompt at One Stop Poetry

Feathered Revenge

Common wings spread proud and free
On display for all to see
Watch me fly watch me soar
Above the people on the floor

Pesky bird I hear you say

You wave a hand to keep me away
A gift I give to you instead
I drop my crap onto your head

While you're busy being mortified

Food there in your hand I've spied
I swoop in close and take from you
Your sandwich lunch a tasty chew

You wave your fist and curse at me

Lift your head so you can see
Once again I swoop in low
And crap on you before I go


Friday, 18 March 2011

Slowly I strip your silhouette
sinking solid seduction into my skimpy sky 
sexy shadows in secluded starlight 
slip and slide in swelling sensuality 

Masterful motion merges magnetic minds 
moisture mixing melting moving 
in a magical maze of mutual madness 
moonlit masturbation motivates 

Inflaming imaginations impulsive ignition 
impaling me with intense insistence 
inside an irresistible and intimate invitation 
infusing internal inclinations 

Liquid luster on limbs lubricate 
lingering listening to loves lullaby 
libidos lift and lower licking luscious lips 

Effusive eagerness evokes exhilaration 
enriching erotic and electrifying 
entering ecstasy we explode 
enraptured enveloping each others eternity 

Sunday, 13 March 2011

What Do You See

Poem By Anita Magdalena...
for Picture prompt challenge at One Stop Poetry.

What Do You See

Temptation upon her lips
no fire burns
Her will and strength
inside of her turns

A tormented soul?
so you would think
We judge her look
Our conclusions stink

A wayward girl?
who lacks control
over her mind
Such an empty soul

She mocks at us
Don't we realise
A test of societies
narrow eyes

Look beyond the
coat she wears
Find her depth
she is over the stares

As I look here
the picture I see
Is a girl 
with a finger to society

To temptation she 
does not succumb
Her will is more powerful
than this loaded gun.